This system supports with 1280*720 of screen resolution. Figure 1 shows the category level structuring of 3D human respiratory organ system with level tree organ structure from parent node (root node) to children node (leave nodes) of larynx, bronchiole, lungs and trachea, and so on. Thus, the users can click on the menu category or just click directly to the mesh object part of the models on the scene to model those internal organ’s names. Therefore, it can allow the user easy to get the visualization for all parts of the respiratory internal organ tracts.

Figure 1. The results of a visualization system for representing 3D respiratory organ models by using a proposed hierarchical structure of TreeView.

Future Works

This system is developed for constructing a hierarchical tree respiratory organ based on patches or regions of the upper and lower respiratory organ, and giving names for critical regions in the 3D respiratory internal organ. Moreover, even though this system provides good features to the user, it still needs to be improved and updated to work more effectively and efficiently in computer science sector, especially, medical science field. Thereby, for our future work, we will define more functional properties for each critical region in the respiratory organs. Particularly, animation of the respiratory internal organ will be added into the next updated system and defined the symptoms or diseases belong to those organ regions. This system will be updated to provide more and more convenient, and deep visualization for the user to use.